School closings can be productive…

Ok, even though our program only exists because we have a school-supported team, and generally-speaking, having classes cancelled is not ideal, these recent breaks have provided some time to get work done…

If you’re reading this, you already are benefitting from the time off, as our website was down since before we had snow on the ground!! While there are a few pages that still need some updating, the fact that the site is even up and running is a huge plus.

Here are a couple of reminders of upcoming deadlines, activities, and suggestions before soccer practices begin on March 11.

  • If you still have not received emails from our gmail account, specific to Linn-Mar Mens Soccer, please complete the short questionnaire that we refer to as the New Player Registration form.
    • Some students may have completed this, but we did not realize until early winter that the forms were not being sent; please complete the new form.
  • Our online apparel deadline is Sunday, February 4. If you don’t order, you will miss out. Some of the items are recommended, please take a look to see if you have these items. If you are unable to purchase them, you will be on your own to acquire similar items.
  • Week of February 11th: New strength and conditioning hours and activities begin
    • Team Lifting Times
      • Tuesdays, 3:45-4:30
      • Thursdays, 4:45-5:30
      • Fridays, 3:45-4:30
    • Speed, Strength, & Agility Workouts (Main Gym)
      • Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6:00am-7:30am