Tick, tick, tick…

Despite how it looks outside spring is near. Of course that means that the 2019 season is not far behind, either. Practice officially begins on March 11. But before we begin, a few key things need to happen.

  1. Attend the preseason meeting. Designed as an opportunity to update parents about the season, student-athletes are encouraged to attend as well. We expect our players to be “in the know” and this is a great opportunity get all of the most up-to-date information, meet this year’s coaching staff, learn about expectations. The meeting will take place in the high school’s lecture hall at 6pm on Wednesday, February 27…Please make arrangements to attend if you (or your son) is planning to play soccer this spring!!
  2. (If you will be playing at LMHS for the first time, and haven’t done so already) Complete the New Player Registration form, linked below. It will provide us with player and parent contact information, a glimpse into your (your son’s) playing background, and info on whether you/he might be involved with other activities during the season.
  3. Check in with the LMHS Athletic Office and make sure your name is on the list to play. This list was populated by players who attended the meeting with Coach Brinkmeyer a few weeks ago. This step is critical as we will begin with this list on the first day of practice. It will allow us/you to verify that all required paperwork/documents have been completed and are current. If any of the required forms are incomplete, out-of-date, or missing, players will be ineligible to practice until updated. **The Athletic Office is located just outside of the main gym, and open during every school day.
  4. Get active!! Agility & Strength Training sessions are currently going on and are a great way to (physically) prepare for the season.
    • Agility Training: Tues/Thurs, 6-6:45am
    • Strength Training: Tues, 3:45-4:30; Thurs, 4:45-5:30; Fri, 3:45-4:30
  5. If you did not order apparel from our online store, here’s what you will need:
    1. Gray tshirt (for practice)…it’s fine if there is a graphic on it
    2. Red shorts (for practice)…any style is fine
    3. Gray soccer socks (for practice)…only if you can find them
    4. Black soccer socks (for games-practice)
    5. White soccer socks (for games-practice)
  6. Other soccer-specific items:
    1. Soccer Cleats (make sure they are specific for soccer)
    2. Shinguards (make sure they are correctly sized)
    3. Compression shorts/long-sleeve (if desired) need to be the same color as the predominant shorts/jersey it will be worn under.