Recommended Items

Recommended items that all players are asked to provide for the season (either from previous years or bought new) include:

    1. Gray Practice Shirt 
    2. Red Practice Shorts
    3. Grey Practice Socks
    4. Black & White Game Socks

sock sizes

NOCSAE Seal Shinguard Picture

In addition to the items shown above, please make sure that shinguards worn in competitions are legal.  The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) requires that shinguards have the following tag/label or imprint on all shinguards, and that they are appropriate for the height of the player wearing them. Referees have the authority to check them before or during a game and remove a player from the field until the correct shinguards are being worn.

Players will not be allowed to participate in practices or games (played on synthetic turf fields) with “replaceable studs”.  This type of soccer shoe typically only has 6-8 cleats, and each can be screwed into the shoe, and replaced as it becomes worn.  These are fine for wet, muddy grass, but are not allowed in many of the stadiums that we play in–and frankly are ineffective.  Should a player have a pair of these, please make sure that he has another traditional “molded” soccer cleat as his primary pair. Molded styles have evolved over the years and may look like a round, gumdrop shape or more like a long, thin blade; both are acceptable.  Neither football or baseball cleats are allowed, and often have a toe spike/cleat, making them different from a soccer cleat.


Players wearing a long-sleeve shirt or compression shorts underneath their uniform, must make sure they match the predominant color of the uniform (jersey or short, respectively). For example, for home games, players should wear white long-sleeves & compression shorts; for road games, players should wear red long-sleeves/black compression shorts.