Games & Results

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DateLocationEventTimeResultRecordMan of the Match
March 28Kingston StadiumMetro Jamboree vs Washington7:40pm---------
March 30Iowa City West HSIC West Trojan Classic
Varsity vs Muscatine2:00pm2-0 WBrandon Raus
Varsity vs Washington3:45pm1-3 LRyan Johnson
April 1Xavier HSJV2-Blk vs Xavier4:15pm2-3 L
LM (Stadium)JV2-Red vs Jefferson5:45pmForfeit, W
April 2LM (Stadium)JV1 vs City High5:15pm0-0 T
Varsity vs City High7:00pm0-1 LJake Voss
April 3Xavier HSJV2-Red vs Xavier4:15pm2-6 L
LM (Oak Ridge)JV2-Blk vs Washington4:15pm1-1 T
April 6Johnston HSVarsity vs Johnston10:00am3-1 WKody Waterman
Urbandale HSVarsity vs Urbandale2:00pm0-3 LJake Voss
April 8Lower KingstonJV2-Blk vs Jefferson4:15pm7-2 W
LM (Stadium)JV2-Red vs Prairie5:45pm5-0 W
April 9Cedar Valley Soccer ComplexJV1 vs Cedar Falls5:00pm0-0 T
Varsity vs Cedar Falls6:45pm1-2 LBas Jordaan
April 11
LM (Oak Ridge)JV2-Blk vs City High4:15pm0-5 L
Kennedy HSJV2-Red vs KennedyPPD
March 25, 5:45
April 13Ankeny Centennial HSJV1 vs Ankeny Centennial11:00am0-2 L
Varsity vs Ankeny Centennial1:00pm2-3 L (OT1)Gabe Chapa
April 15LM (Stadium)JV2-Red vs City High5:45pm0-3 L
Kennedy HSJV2-Blk vs Kennedy5:45pm3-1 W
April 16LM (Stadium)JV1 vs Prairie5:15pm0-1 L0-2-2
Varsity vs Prairie7:00pm0-4 L2-6Bryce Reardanz
April 18LM (Oak Ridge)JV2-Blk vs Liberty4:15pm4-1 W3-2-1
Kingston StadiumJV2-Red vs Washington7:15pm0-1 L2-3
April 22LM (Stadium)JV2-Red vs IC WestPPD
May 14, 4:15
Oak Ridge
Prairie HSJV2-Blk vs PrairiePPD
April 23Xavier HSVarsity vs Xavier4:15pm
JV1 vs Xavier6:00pm
April 24LM (Stadium)JV2-Blk vs IC West4:15pm
April 25LM (Stadium)JV1 vs Wahlert5:15pm
LM (Stadium)Varsity vs Wahlert7:00pm
April 26JV2-Red vs Liberty5:45pm
April 29LM (Stadium)JV2-Blk vs Xavier4:15pm
April 30Coe CollegeJV1 vs Kennedy5:45pm
Varsity vs Kennedy7:30pm
May 1Lower KingstonJV2-Red vs Jefferson5:45pm
May 2LM (Stadium)JV1 vs Waterloo West5:15pm
Varsity vs Waterloo West7:00pm
May 3IC West HSJV1 vs IC West5:15pm
Varsity vs IC West6:45pm
May 6LM (Stadium)JV2-Red vs Xavier5:45pm
May 7LM (Stadium)JV1 vs Liberty5:15pm
Varsity vs Liberty7:00pm
May 9LM (Oak Ridge)JV2-Blk vs Jefferson4:15pm
May 10LM (Stadium)JV1 vs Jefferson5:15pm
Varsity vs Jefferson7:00pm
North Scott HS, EldridgeJV2-Red vs North Scott6:30pm
May 13LM (Stadium)JV1 vs Bettendorf5:15pm
Varsity vs Bettendorf
Senior Night
LM (Oak Ridge)JV2-Red vs Kennedy5:45pm
May 14Dubuque Hempstead HSVarsity vs Hempstead4:15pm
JV1 vs Hempstead6:00pm
May 15LM (Oak Ridge)JV2-Blk vs Kennedy4:15pm
May 17IC City HSJV2-Blk vs City High4:15pm
May 18IC City HSJV2-Red vs City High10:30am
May 20TBDSubstate Rd 1
May 22TBDSubstate Semi-Final
May 25TBDSubstate Final
May 30-June 1Cownie Soccer Park, Des MoinesState TournamentTBD